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2010-12-10 02:19:32 by Faceacerawr

Well, I'm making a platform game atm. It's a platform game, nothing special. It's more of a learning process as I learn Flash CS5 and get better drawing skills [though most of it is from spritesheets]. I've already made a logo in photoshop and a few buttons in Flash itself, among other things. I'll go ahead and include the logo for it here, just for kicks.
Anyway, hope you'll like the game and hope you like the logo. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
[my favorite part is the snakelike unicorn]



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2010-12-13 02:36:04

So I tried your Staulkir game again, and as I couldn't edit my previous review nor leave a new one, I decided to leave this message here.

I fell through in the exact same spot, only this time I died. Is that really better? The glitch was still there, it's just the result that changed.

The next three or four times I tried to go around, but I couldn't figure out how, for the life of me, to progress. I couldn't get to the higher platforms, and the last time I tried I fell through the platform I'd started on. I had to give up and re-rate the game a zero. There was no way I could find to progress, and EVERY thing I tried ended up with me dying. That's just not good game-play.


2010-12-13 21:39:13

Aww you have private messages disabled so I'll just write here what I was going to send you. In response to your review on "I Like Burritos" I'm glad I could be someones hero :) Check out my other stuff too, You might really like the BC series.


2010-12-21 21:04:44

You have private messaging disabled, so I can only hope you'll read this! :O (I just copy-pasted the message I was going to PM you, by the way) Enable your PMs :P !!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to PM you after all (not sure how long you've been waiting :P ). I have a lot of great ideas for Flash games, but not a lot of time to work very hard on them! (I actually have a binder full of ideas). I bought a book for Flash 8, but I still find that sometimes things just don't work the way I want them to... I'd like to try as3 some time soon and see if it's any better. What are YOU using?

I'm still trying to think of a game idea to share with you that I wouldn't want to try myself (this is rather difficult :3 ) But if I think of something I'll get back to you on that!

P.S. You seem like the kind of person who would get a kick out of the Gonintendo podcast (you can find it on iTunes or via their website, gonintendo.com)... if you're a Nintendo fan! I'll keep thinking of ideas for you and i'll get back to you on that! :P